EVO (aka Demon Smurf) - A B-Boy Documentary

Evo has been an inspiration to so many B-Boys, and if you’ve never seen him, or never seen B-Boying at its best watch this movie. In the late 1980’s B-boying faded out of Britain in a haze of inglorious mediocrity. A few battle hardy teenagers kept a torch burning into the 1990’s, awaiting the opportunity to shine once more. Amongst such legends as Street Machine, and alongside the mythical Storm and Swiftrock, a humble, quietly spoken B-boy emerged and so began the revolution. Evo obliterated his opponents with a mixture of style, musicality and incredible power. He won three world titles and the reputation of British B-boying was taken to a new level. The DVD will remain on sale, and we urge people to support independent film making by buying it, but in order to guarantee that this documentary gets the audience it deserves we have chosen to put it out there ’officially’; removing the need to make illegal copies of it! ;-[ “The guy that inspired a movement.“ Lonestar “I always tried to be as fast as
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