Yakuza May Cry - Baka the Light (feat. WoolieVS)

100 hours of Editing! To quote Tarantino in inglorious Basterds. “You know somethin’, [...] I think this just might be my masterpiece.“ Had not done any Mash-Up’s lately and recently found out about Yakuza (Just finished Kiwami). I also am a long time DMC Fan, so i combined 3 Things i liked in hopes of bringing Joy to any other Fans. Special thanks to Luce, Bengun & Katha for the Support during endless hours of Audio- and Video-Editing. Bury the Light Instrumental: Devil Trigger Instrumental: Baka Mitai Kiyru Main Vocals: Baka Mitai Akiyama Backing Vocals: (Used during Baka the Light Chorus) KUZE SCREAM: Kiryu in DMC5 Mod: Devil May Cry and all it’s characters are owned by Capcom. Kiryu from the Yakuza Series.
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